Raison d’être

Volume Orange exists to cultivate more balanced relationships between planet earth, residents, and objects. We believe astounding furniture and design can be made while reducing impact on the planet and while preserving the planet’s resources and natural beauty. We are designing for the future by exploring a gap between tradition and evolution.


We provide the option to surround yourself with delicate and thoughtful furniture and design while having the current and future planet in mind. This approach requires us to continuously challenge the perception of our designs, our material development, our business model, our logistics and production, and the tremendous potential in recycling and circularity. Day by day; chair by chair, we are devoted to applying our very best in these endeavours.

Design Philosophy

Volume Orange is driven by devoted affection and passion for our physical surroundings, especially furniture and design objects. For craftsman traditions. For the potential in recycling and waste. We design out of love for our planet. We make furniture and design creations born in the cross sections between art & function and between tradition & sustainable innovation with established and upcoming designers.

If our designs were forest trees, our Danish design tradition would be the roots. Our selection, development and innovation within materials and production methods would be the tree trunk, and the freedom we grant our collaborating designers from around the world would be the leaf crown.

Design for meaning and change

Planet Care

To us, great design creates emotion and connects with people. Great design converts the needs and desires of our community into meaningful creations. Great design has the potential to shape the world we live in and to inspire change - changes in ecosystems, in political systems, in climate action, in the production and shipping industries, in urban environments and in culture. Great design is inclusive, affordable and accessible.

Volume Orange - OBLIQUE Shelving Boris Berlin - Recycled Acrylic

Direct to you - no middleman

The more affordable that delightful design will be, the more homes and spaces will be filled with great, thoughtful designs. Thus, we deliver our creations directly to you, no middle-man. This allows us to provide our creations at more affordable prices and to avoid unnecessary transport of our creations.


Planet Care

The world is capable of greatly reducing the impact on the planet from the production of man made product. We are devoted to our values, starting with circularity and sustainability at the core of all we do - from design to assembly, from production facilities to material selections, from packaging to logistics, from give-back programs and onwards. If interested, please read more under our Planet Care section.