For the purpose of creating a better, healthier and cleaner planet for all living species and for nature, we introduce our Planet Care program.

Reuse, reduce and recycle

As part of our product research and development we assess the best viable option in the eyes of the planet for bringing a product to life. This starts with calculating the total CO2-e emissions from production, transport etc. and it goes further to the larger scheme of things: To the extent feasible we wish to work with materials that are suited for being recycled and materials centred around upcycling waste streams, including post-production and post-consumer usage. We believe this will create space for new aesthetics of modern design objects.
Additionally, we are establishing an After Life program which will allow you to return any purchased products to Volume Orange for us to either repair and resell it or recycle it.

Make difficult choices

The choices of material selection and our manufacturing partners is a large part of the equation, and our assessment is centred around plentiful data inputs. Thus, we use great efforts in collecting data and involving specialist third parties to execute the assessment. The purpose is both to obtain neutrality in our emissions but also in the grand scheme to preserve the limited resources of the world - like stone, quartz, oil, minerals, and metals. Further, we assure that none of our materials used contain carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic (CMR) substances.

Inspire to create

Volume Orange is born out of a deep-felt passion for creating beautiful objects and we hope to inspire other individuals and brands to do better.
Inspiring creations to us are the ones that are designed and manufactured to stand the test of time with longevity at its heart. A piece of furniture should be able to follow a person, a family, or a company throughout their lives at various locations. By such, an inspiring creation shall be based on long lasting aesthetics rather than short term trends and larger creations shall be designed for disassembly for them to be moved without breaking.

Global problem, local solution

We believe the days of outsourcing major parts of production to countries far away from the customers should have ended yesterday. We aim to build strong, regional relations as close to our community as possible. All our production partners are residing in Europe, and we take great pride in this fact. Through our strong relations with suppliers, we further ensure social aspects of the humans involved in our production.
We visit our suppliers frequently in order to make sure that the shared belief in the ways of modern production is upheld, also as time passes. We create comprehensive codes of conduct as a constitution for this belief and for the purpose of a joint compliance between brand and manufacturer.

Ship creations - not air

We work in our logistic and supply departments with limiting transportation as much as possible. We include the placement of raw materials, various manufacturers, and end customers to limit transport causes by delivering our creations to you.
Further, we design for flat packing - also known as knockdown - to utilise freight better by not shipping air in cardboard boxes around pre-assembled furniture. If we do deliver a creation pre-assembled to you, we will make sure to assemble it as close as possible to your home. This ought to be modern logic.

Save the trees

Our products made in wood will only be sourced from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources. Please look for the FSC trademark when purchasing products made in wood - of course when it comes to furniture but expanding into paper, cardboard, toilet rolls, greeting cards and so forth.
For every product purchased we will be planting a tree globally.
We do this through a partnership with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted ( in order to aid in the battle against global deforestation caused by conversion of forest to agriculture purposes, illegal and unsustainable logging, fuelwood harvesting, forest fires, and climate change etc.

Tell the truth

Brands need to be fully transparent in supply chain, product development, logistics, and their total sustainability efforts. Ideally, brands will partner up with independent organisations to have third parties’ assessments of the above. Volume Orange offers full transparency on the full emission that each of our products' lifecycle causes, including with regards to collecting raw materials, production, manufacturing, packaging and transportation. Further we offer transparency in our pricing model for each customer to be aware of what they are actually paying for.

Walk the talk

Responsible Brand - We are in the process of applying for the B-Corp Certification - We will obtain it as soon as practically and economically possible.
Responsible Products - We partner with great production and manufacturing facilities and imply a comprehensive declaration and quality control system and we certify these endeavours through third party product labels - you’ll find the labels under each product.