Our goal is to work with design talents from all over the planet, and we are humbled and thankful to work with some of the world’s greatest design thinkers. We challenge our collaborating designers to think outside of the box within various aspects of the design process, including the applied materials, assembly solutions, and production method innovation.

Ultimately, the designers of Volume Orange are the ideators and thinkers behind our creations that hopefully will inspire you in your everyday life.


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Boris Berlin not only has an undisputable record as a worldwide renowned designer with his designs winning numerous awards and being showcased at design museums globally but his understanding of material development and production processes - ultimately the creation of the objects that surround us - made him the best choice Volume Orange could ever have made. On top, he’s a joy to be around and always carries a subtle grin while talking about contemporary art. We’re truly thankful for having the pleasure to work with Boris Berlin and to be a facilitator of his ideas. Boris Berlin has designed the OBLIQUE Shelf and OBLIQUE Dining Table for Volume Orange.


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When thinking in aesthetics centred around straight lines as well as the circularity of our creations, the choice of Spant Studio as a Danish architect / design studio was a fairly easy one. Spant Studio strive with their creations to create simplicity and meaning as a contrast to the seamlessly endless bustle of the world. A vision we, Volume Orange, deeply align with as we aim to create designs that inspire and exude change and inspiration, yet balance and patience. Volume Orange were connected with Spant Studio through architect friends and from the first sit down with Spant Studio, it was clear that we had found a match made in heaven. Spant Studio is currently developing designs for Volume Orange, and we’re looking forward to show you the result.