Designed by Boris Berlin
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Designed by Boris Berlin

“Light, translucent, characteristic and expressive in its structural and sculptural simplicity” – Boris Berlin.

OBLIQUE Shelving is a tribute to recycling, to the aesthetic of mat acrylics, and to the legacy of Boris Berlin. Is it as much an exquisite sculpture as it is a functional shelving system.

The translucent quality of the acrylic allows light to pass through and the mat surfaces are tactilely satisfying and hides dust.

Uniquely, no glue, screws or fittings are used - just a 'twist of magic' to join recycled acrylic pieces. Easily dissembled, it can move with you.


SHELVES & OBLIQUEs: 100 % recycled acrylic
FOOTER: Recycled FSC Certified MDF wood


150 Variant:
L150 x W39 x H149,9
KG: 75
200 Variant:
L200 x W39 x H149,9
KG: 100


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Volume Orange - OBLIQUE Shelving Boris Berlin - Recycled Acrylic


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"We started the design process by choosing an environmental friendly recycled material with inherent aesthetic qualities. Then we formulated the manifest - the "dogma" - of this project that defined the restrictions and rules that the product had to live up to:

It had to be produced solely in 100% recycled acrylic plates with limited waste;

It had to be recyclable and to encourage a circular economy;

It had to be produced in a single industrial process - a CNC milling operation;

It had to be assembled without any fittings, screws, or glues;

It had to be flatpacked in transport and without the need for tools when assembling;

It had to be useable indoors and outdoors, along a wall, and standing alone in a room.

The result is OBLIQUE Shelving - light, translucent, characteristic and expressive in its structural and sculptural simplicity."


Reuse, reduce and recycle

OBLIQUE Shelving is upcycled and made of reused acrylics. OBLIQUE Shelving is recyclable. OBLIQUE Shelving is designed for and produced with very limited waste in production. OBLIQUE Shelving can forever be shipped back to Volume Orange to be resold or recycled (please note this is not a “money-back guarantee”).

Make difficult choices

OBLIQUE Shelving is made in recycled acrylics that are compliant under ISO 21930 and EN 5804 and the production of the acrylic (PMMA) has 84 % less emissions of CO2-e compared to traditional acrylic/PMMA. The MDF Footer is made of recycled FSC-certified wood and is recyclable.

Inspire to create

The design process of OBLIQUE, led by the amazing Boris Berlin, has been centred on circular economy, environmental impact as well as the aesthetic potential of the reused, mat acrylics. The result is a “world first” multifunctional shelving system or room divider that is made in a reused and recyclable material through a single production process, assembled without screws, glue or fittings and thus suited for easy disassembly, delivered flat packed. We are beyond proud of the result, and we hope this will inspire others to create equally value driven creations.

Global problem, local solution

OBLIQUE Shelving is produced in Europe; the acrylic sheets are produced in northern Milano at a family-owned facility and the sheets are handled through a single industrial process (CNC) at cabinet makers in Denmark.

Ship creations - not air

OBLIQUE Shelving is designed and produced for optimal transport routes and packaging to lessen environmental impact. OBLIQUE Shelving is designed for flat packaging from production to end-consumer, optimising how many creations we may transport at a time, limiting the amount of air (or unused space in cardboard-boxes) shipped across the globe.

Save the trees

For each OBLIQUE Shelving creation delivered to a customer, a tree will be planted globally through the NGO, “One Three Planet”. The MDF Footer is made of recycled FSC-certified wood. No trees were harmed in the process. OBLIQUE Shelving is packed in recycled FSC-certified cardboard packaging. No trees were harmed in the process. Please dispose of the cardboard for recycling. 2 pieces of A5 FSC-certified paper and 4 pieces of A4 FSC-certified paper was consumed for hand-drawn sketches etc. Part of a single tree was thus harmed in the process. No marketing material (look books, product sheets etc.) will ever be printed in paper. We urge our community to not physically print any of our material available for download.

Tell the truth

Emission calculations pending.

Walk the talk

Initially, we provide a 10-year warranty on each OBLIQUE Shelving. It is designed to last, and it will. Further, we have applied for the Swan Label for OBLIQUE Shelving and we will disclose any result from this application process.